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Cute Garden 3 we can get this baby out of the quicksand! Brothers, I only ask you one question: God may love you, but does he like you? All right. Good morning. Hey. Shall we? Let’s join hands. Heavenly father, we thank you for this wonderful day, and thank you for all the blessings that you’ve given us. Father game father God game as we live out this day, what are you doing tonight? Please remind us of all your unyielding love and endless grace. Got to come get some barbecue with us when we’re in Austin. I’ll try.,..As we head to Austin. It’s kind of nonnegotiable. game that you continue to build this ministry up, that we would fulfill your calling to be the biggest faith event in the whole world. Let me talk to Gabriel, and maybe we can meet up with you guys. Yeah? Amen. Amen. All right. I’m sure most of you know about the recent tragedy in Zambia, the earthquake, and as we pair up, pray for the victims of that tragedy and that God’s name be praised throughout. And be ready to leave for Austin at :. Break it up. Sam, would you like to be prayer partners with me? Do you want to game dear lord, first of all, I want to thank you for this day and for all the blessings that you’ve given us. Father God, in all this tour craziness, I want to pray for Sam. I pray that you stop anyone and anything that might distract him from helping people reach you. Father, throw out all temptation, and please give me the courage to do whatever is necessary to hold him accountable. Oh, and I want to echo what Ken said earlier about Zimbabwe. Amen. Sam, would you like to pray? Did I game did I do something? Good chat. Oh, no, man. Sam, you have to stay away from her, all right? The last thing we need is that guy running around playing detective. I got it. Because if he figures out about the bag game I said I got it. Okay, I’m almost ready for you. Sam, Brent’s almost ready for you. All right, look. We have to do something with that bag. Get it out of here. Maybe we should drop it at the house before game no. Yeah. Check one. Check one, check one.