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Cute Gardner 2 Why is she here? She is not feeling well. I think she has a little bit of a temperature, so she might have to stay a night or two. Another night or two? I don’t want to talk anymore about it, okay? Thank you. She’s cute, isn’t she? She thinks you’re cute. Here. Take that perfect tray and be nice. Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry to intrude. I’ll leave. No, no. I’m game I’m sorry. I, um, you know game what happened back there. Let’s see if I can game Man, you know, I knew that was gonna happen too. I’m sorry. It’s okay. It’s kind of been one of those days. Oh. I’m sorry. I’ll, um game I’ll get you some more orange juice. I’ll get you game Oh, no. Sorry again. Where have I seen you before? Um, I think game I think we met at a game at a party one time. Please, sit down. I don’t want you to ruin your voice. Thanks. Yeah. Um, great. Thanks. Yeah. Happy boy. Huh? Oh. Yeah. I don’t know why my mom has that game Yeah, I wasn’t quite as happy as game as I looked here, but uh game but I was an amazing chess player, so you know? A bit of a loner, you know? Zuzu. Huh? What’d you call me? Zuzu. My car. Oh. You dropped a grape. Five second rule. You can still eat that. Thank you. Yeah, I noticed that you got the blue beetle. Yeah. I used to have a beetle. Um, it was my first car, so game Thank you. Oh, um, I got to take off. Okay. Yeah, but um game Thanks again. Yeah. Feel better. Take it easy. Please, tell your friend not to honk. Her name’s Helen, mom. It’s been that way for seven years. I’ll tell her. Bye. Answer it! I’m too hysterical! Hello? Yes. Is she okay? Thank you. Thank you very much for calling. Goodbye. Well? She is fine. That was Rachel Harson. Rachel Harson? Herself? Shirin is sick. She has a high fever. Great. Great? Are you out of your mind. Don’t you get it? It’s Rachel Harson, the writer. She got her. That’s my daughter. “Harson’s latest work is a literary sensation combining a magical illumination of the ordinary with exquisite lyricism laced with elegance and compassion. A tragic love story which brings to mind the best of Annie Poole.