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Cute Gardner 3 If you were my age game and had cared for as many children as I have game you’d know that waking a child can sometimes be worse than any bad dream. No. It’s the shock. And then being suddenly deprived. No, no, you’re wrong. You’re talking nonsense. As you say, miss. You and Flora will leave tomorrow. It is my decision. I shall send the servants away. He put me in charge in sole charge, Mrs. Grose. Tomorrow I must be alone here with Miles. Miss, may I ask what I am to tell their uncle? The truth. The truth? Yes, miss. Thank you. Mrs. Grose, have you got my letter? What letter, miss? To their uncle. I left it on the desk. Oh, I haven’t touched it, miss. Well, I wonder who Oh, of course. Miles. You’re accusing him of stealing? Well, what matter? It’s just one thing more for us to talk about when we’re alone. Where is Master Miles? He went out early this morning. But I shall wait for him. He’ll come to me. Well, II suppose Miss Flora and I had best be on our way. Give her my love game when she’s better. And, Mrs. Grose, please game wait till you see Miles again game before you judge me. I can’t judge you, miss. A body can only judge themselves. May God be with you, miss. So, here you are. I say, are we having tea in here? Yes, Miles. How very grand and grownup. Yes, and we can talk together now, like adults. Jolly nice, I call it. I feel quite the master of the house. Where are the servants? They’ve gone home. Oh, did you send them, or did they take fright and run away? What do you mean? Well, you’re afraid, and perhaps you made them so. And of what assuming you are right of what am I afraid, Miles? I’m not a mind reader, my dear. I’ve told you that before. But I do sense things. Don’t worry. There’s a man in the house. Is there? Yes. Me. I’ll protect you. I say, it is fun. We’ve got the whole house to ourselves. More or less. There are still the others. Poor Flora. Is she awfully ill? I mean, is it serious? Has she gone to hospital? No, just to London. I think Bly didn’t agree with her anymore. This house upset her.