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Kat, I think we’re going to be separated. Three years. You remember when I first came up here? How green I was? You fixed that. Keep your head down. That’s what you said. Well maybe, maybe when this is over, when this war is really finished, maybe we can do something together, eh? I don’t know what Games a glass of wine? I don’t even know where you live. Three years in the same trenches and I don’t even have your address! Let me give you mine, let me give it to you. Let’s Games Let’s go on. Ready? Come on! Up! You might have spared yourself. He’s stone dead! No. It’s his shin, he’s fainted. C’mon, Kat, come on. He was talking. Ten minutes ago. We were talking. It is Autumn. We wait for the end. We wait for the Armistice. We wait for peace. Dear Albert, I write to tell you that you and I are the last ones left. Soon after Kat died, Tjaden got it. A quick and merciful death, a bullet in the head. Himmestoss was killed the same day, and now Detering is gone. I think we started to lose Detering last spring, when the apple trees came into bloom. You know that expression of his in springtime? Two weeks ago he was missed at roll call. Nowhere to be found. A week later he was caught by the Military Police. You and I, we know where he was going. Home, to the harvest. We have not heard anything more But you know the penalty for dessertion. Albert, of the class of . Out of the who enlisted, Thirteen are dead. Four are missing. One is in a madhouse. You and I live. How I miss you. And they sent me an e-mail picture of Kim Jong-Un in I guess it was maybe college, shooting some baskets, wearing a ” Rodman” bulls Jersey. Actually, the guy in the picture was Kim Jong-Un’s brother. They called up and said, you know, we want you to go to North Korea and do a documentary and play in a game with the Harlem Globetrotters. And I thought it was a joke. I said, “well, whatever.” I’ve played with the Harlem Globetrotters a couple times. Next think you know, the word got out that, you know, I’m going to North Korea