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Cute Girl and Her Horse 2 Oh, I don’t know. We can’t be sure now, can we? I mean, uh, might be anybody. Dad, I’ve been trailing everywhere after you. What’s the matter? The girl on Hampstead Heath it was Sapphire. Sapphire? Yes, David’s had to go and identify her. David? I’m so frightened, Dad. Don’t worry, girl. Where’s David now? He’s gone home. You didn’t tell us you were the father of Sapphire’s child. You didn’t ask me. Were you on the other side of that? No. It’s the police, Ted. They’re in there with Davy now. Don’t worry, dear. It’s only routine. Where do you think you’re going to? Up to my room, Dad. I told him he could, and I want him to. Show him, Milly? I’m Davy’s father. Uh, Superintendent Hazard. What’s been said? They know about the baby, Dad. Well, what of it? We knew. She came here to tell us on Saturday, just after lunch. My boy was going to marry her. I gave her my word he would. They want to know what time I got in on Saturday night, Dad. About :. Did you talk to anyone in Cambridge, anyone who might remember you? Where did you eat? I took sandwiches. He always does. We can’t afford meals in cafés, you know. Finished, Inspector? Yes. Uh, thank you, Mrs. Farr. He went through David’s room with a magnifying glass. I don’t care if they take the boards up. Davy’s got nothing to hide. Do you think they’ll be gone by the time the twins get back? They’ll hear it at school, Milly. You can’t keep it from them. You’ve got to make up your mind to that. Excuse me. Superintendent Hazard would like to see you for a moment, Mrs. Farr. Uh, Mrs. Farr, what time did you finish work at the dairy on Saturday? About half :. A little late, surely. My assistant was away all last week. I had the tidying up to do. I see. Did you come straight home? This is your home? For the moment. My husband’s away at sea. Who was in the house when you got here? Nobody. I was at the club. My wife was at her sister’s with the twins. Twins? My children. Oh. Uh, the girl, Sapphire, had gone when you got in? Yes. She wasn’t here. How did she seem when you saw her earlier in the day?