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but we’ve just had an accident with our bus just up the road. We wondered if you could help us? Sure I can. Is it far away? Maybe half a mile down the road. I’ll go get Laila, then. Snuff? Great! Let’s go, then! It’s alive! What fun! What the Game ? It speaks strange? I think it hit its head worse than we thought. Quick, give me the Jesuswater! Drink this. You’ve travelled far and long, but at last our prayers have been answered! Shit, he’s gone! Yao Ming is gone! Still sleeping? No, he’s not here! Lost a friend? Yes, one of us was asleep in the bus when we crashed. Slept Game through that accident? Can’t see shit in those woods. I have some torches you can borrow. Jump in! What is going on here? Who is that Saracen! We found it in the woods, dad, we promise. Can we keep him? Hey, you! Yes, run, you Game ing Chopstick! Yao Ming! Yao Ming! China! Didn’t mean to leave you in the bus, Yao Ming. Sorry! I have your Gameboy! Anyone see him? No, I don’t see him. Neither do we. Nada here too. Good day. What? Found your girl friend, I see. Yes. I have bad news for you. The engine’s broken, and the drive shaft’s on its last legs. Can you get a new engine? Well, I can order one tomorrow, but it’ll cost , and we won’t get it until the end of the week. My God, what a gigantic fiasco! Bus broken, no money, and we don’t know where we are! It’ll be alright. Be alright? How? Have you got in your pocket? No, wait, I know how it’ll be alright! We’ll call the festival and ask them to postpone it for a week ’til we’re ready? We have to get to Southern Norway! We’ll find a way out. Listen! Let’s go upstairs, and I’ll make us some real good food. And we’ll have a real good time! Wanna do that? Things aren’t as bad as they seem! Thank you. Sorry, but we have to cut you off there, Prime Minister. To the northwest, where a gang of graduates have stolen from fellow students. Now they’re running from the police in a graduates’ bus. Holy shit! Aren’t you having any? No, no! So, you’ve eaten? No. Where are you graduating?