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I can’t believe you found the ing water source! That’s going to save hundreds of lives, maybe more. Take good care of it. So you sure you want to leave, then? Where are you gonna go? To see what the rest of the wasteland looks like. Well, there’s not much to see there, kid. I know.Follow that black sedan, it’s full of thieves.” So I give her the gas. Here, here’s the diploma the mayor gave me. “For aiding Detective Mark Dixon in a time of danger.” Oh, yes. Six years ago. Say, Dad, let’s hear about how they opened fire and riddled your cab with bullets. Mark can tell you himself. Can’t you, Mark? Yes, there were a few shots fired. A few shots? Dad always said it was a bigger battle than the Argonne. That’s the trouble with the new generation: no respect. How about a drink, Mark? No, thanks. On duty, huh? I suppose you’re workin’ on that Morrison ing? That’s right. Cigarette? Thanks. Any other suspects besides Ken? That fella Scalise, huh? I’ve heard about him. The department thinks he’s clean on that job. He’s been released on bail. He’s on a gambling charge only. But you got your own ideas, huh? He lied about Morrison being the loser when the game broke up. Your daughter says he was about , ahead. It looks like a cinch he’s the guy. I wouldn’t tell a lot of people about going up to Paine’s place last night to beat him up. I don’t care how many people hear it. He’s had it coming for some time. Oh, Dad, please! Mr Dixon isn’t interested in my life story. I ask you, what would you do if you had a son-in-law like that? You know, it is a lucky thing I didn’t find him in last night. I’d have radio I forgot to ask you, I’ve been so excited over meetin’ you again: how about some chow? I got enough for three. No, Dad, we’re going out. Well, we could talk over old times. I’ll be seeing you, Mr Taylor. Nice meeting you again. Well, least I’m glad she’s goin’ out with somebody who ain’t gonna land her up to her neck in crooks. You’re horrible, Dad! Good night. Good night, honey. Have fun, kids. Good evening, Mr Detective. Where’ve you been hangin’ out? Hello, Martha. Good evening. How do you do? You know, I like places like this that specialise in good food instead of head waiters. It’s the worst food in town. But don’t worry, they usually serve a stomach pump with the dessert. Who invited you to come