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Cute Girl, Sweet Pony Well that’s all right, Mama That’s all right for you That’s all right, Mama Just any way you do That’s all right Is that too tight? You’ll be back soon. Real soon, sweetheart. I promise.See that yuppie bastard in the Volvo? With RayBans and the Brooks Brothers shirt? I want you to stick his ass in a BMW. Capisci? Hey, how much for that little turbo stud over there? I don’t know a heck of a lot about these turbo studs. Uh, Ferlinghetti discontinued it. But basically, it’s a bar mitzvah on wheels. I know all about it. Does this one have all the original toys? Gosh, I think so. It’s not really a family car. I’m not buying it for my wife, asshole. Thank you. Give me the keys and let me take it for a demo, huh? The keys are in it. SPEAKS INAUDIBLY ENGINE PURRING TIRES SQUEAL Grimm, are you insane? Put the yuppie in the Beamer, not the Reamer. That car’s a killer, no one drives it. The ual safety balloon is defective. A short in the vibrator. It was going to the wrecker. You see that Cadillac? I drive that ’cause I got brains. You drive that edover VW ’cause your head’s swollen with baby vomit. Listen to me You listen to me, you toxic vagina. If anything happens to that guy, it’s my balls! Geek. SIGHS Hey, Jose! Hose B! Go see Schuyler. Checks came in early. LAUGHING EVILLY TIRES SQUEAL SCHUYLER Hey, you fatass schmuck! Get the outta here! Come back here! I want you to see this car, goddamn it! Max? I’m home! Max! CRASH Oh, no. Not again. Don’t come in here! Oh, Max. MAX Tammy wants to marry a doctor. not an embalmer, Sam. Tammy! We We were just talking about you. Hi, Max. I stopped by just to see if you’d heard from medical school yet. I brought along The nurse’s uniform Oh, yeah, Sam and I are going to mortuary school. We’ve inherited a mortuary. Isn’t that great? I’m afraid I can’t see you anymore, Max. Why? What do you mean? I’d rather die than marry a gut plumber. You may as well take back your nurse’s uniform. I had it drycleaned. Maybe at the mortuary, you’ll find some other nurse to help you with your… little problem. What problem? Let’s just say that your brother has… certain…inadequacies that make a relationship with a girl like I impossible. Bye, Max. What was that about? She’s right.