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Cute Girl, White Pony But it took lightning to pin it on you. You know if I was you I’d pack my bags and not see the boss. Or I’d see the boss and not pack my bags. I’ll change the name of the place. That’ll pick things up. Yes. I’ll change the name. I read that a guy named Shakespeare says a rose by any other name still stinks. Where the coroners? Lightning come yet? They always come fast like in moving pictures. Why didn’t body moved? What do you got there? Too busy. Counting these. Gee, they’re pretty. Where you got them? Off this stiff only he wasn’t a stiff then. Pretty and green and stuff. Like grass. Love grass. Love everything pretty. You didn’t see anything on him? I mean nothing that could identify him? No, no. I put one of them cards like we give out to to the hicks down at the station. Game In his pocket. Good advertising, huh? Game See? I run this town with ballots. Not bullets. You know that, Amato. What you do with your dice and your wheel is your business. But using a gun makes it my business. Boss, it was an accident. The hick lost at craps. Don’t they all? The greatest of these lose at crooked dice. And Spider cracks them like an egg. Gee it was pretty. But he wouldn’t shut up. He kept squawking about calling the cops. I should’ve taken away your gun when I took away your vegetable stand. You won’t use your brain. You won’t play smart like Tom and me. Game Mr. Cameron. My bro. Game Yes? Well? Nothing. Get away from my train. I covered you on that Smith jam by making young Carney take the rap. But this time Games I don’t know. This is just what the district attorney has been waiting for. I’d let Pringle hang you with your own rope if it wasn’t for the river wards. Even those votes may not help now. Every reform leader in town will be crying for my scalp. Every newspaper yelling bloody murder. Globe’s headline oughta be pretty. You mean Casey? At the bat. It’s a mess. Coming just before election means suicide. Suicide. Why yes Games that’s what it’ll be. Suicide. Where is it? Where is it? I’ve gotta have it now I tell you. Here it is, chief.