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Cute Happy Farm 3 Yeah. Wait, hold on, guys. We aren’t really gonna carry this around like drug dealers, are we? Uh, Tyler, it’s just like you said game we can’t deposit the money because technically it doesn’t exist. Okay. Hey, hold on, hold on just one second, Baker, before you get into that. Guys, real talk game I would’ve blown it for us tonight if it hadn’t been for Tyler. I really would’ve. And I can’t ignore the fact that we might be a little in over our heads, but all we got to do is just get through this tour, and if we’re going to be playing Sunday school for the next two months, we got a lot of homework to do. The goal is to blend in, but to do that, we’re gonna have to learn everything we can about these people. How do they worship? What are their mannerisms? What do they like to eat and drink? How do they pray? What do christians love to wear? What’s their sense of humor? Do they have any hobbies other than God? How do they socialize? How do they interact? We all need to read up on some Bible stories, maybe even memorize a few verses. If we can do that, we’re good. We’re gonna get together every night and teach each other. Sound good? Let’s get to work. All right. Yeah! Yeah! Who’s ready to worship and pray? Okay. Worship and pray. Starting off with worship, this is basically the best way to advertise your faith. And from what I can tell so far, there are four essential handraising techniques. First one game the gecko. It’s just hands by the side, palms open. Just going for God, like this. This one’s really good for blending in, ’cause no one can tell if you’re worshiping or not. It’s just like this. Could go either way. Your mom could game Play it out, play it out. Your mom could game whenever she game stop. You’re dead. Second game call this one casual five. One hand in the pocket, one hand up in the air. Highfiving God. Subtle. Simple. The next one: The straightjacket. This is very, very, simple. You’re literally gonna hug yourself. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I recommend this one when worship goes acoustic. I don’t need to hug anybody else?