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Cute Honey Bees One week. Three days. Please, I got a good lead. All right. Stay out of trouble. Ed. That’s right, Frank. Baby’s on the auction block. But we’re the best outfit in town, in the country maybe. But why? Why sell? Money. That’s usually the reason something is sold, isn’t it? Tell ’em I’m on my way up. The heirs and the lawyers are up in the dome right now game waiting to explain the nature of their crime with facts, figures game and falsehoods. One more “f” and they won’t be drafted. But, mother, the paper belongs to us. Why do we have to go to court to sell it? Perhaps because we never intended it to be sold. Oh, please, mother. We’ve been over that a hundred times. The surrogates court will decide that, Mrs. Garrison. Ed. Mrs. Garrison. What kept you so long? How is the expectant mother? Lousy. Hello, Ed. Alice. You’re looking very well. Thank you. How’s your husband? Oh, fine. Just fine. It’s fine, isn’t it? Let’s get this over with. I suppose you know why we’re here, Mr. Hutcheson. Practically everybody seems to know except the people who work here. We’re sorry about that. We thought it best to make a general announcement discretely. The death of a newspaper is never discreet. Here we go again. The last will and testament of the late John Garrison, Drawn up just prior to his death years ago, Designated as his heirs his eldest daughter Alice, His daughter Katherine and his wife Margaret. Inasmuch as Katherine attained her majority last week game and became entitled to a full vote, It was decided by the three stockholders Decided? Unanimously? Of course. Uh, any objections? Would it make any difference? None. Then I have no objections. The reason it was decided Must we go into detail? I don’t feel well. My entire staff feels the same way. Oh, Ed. What do Alice or I know about newspapers? Gives you an income. We never even come down here except twice a year for meetings. You’re invited every day. Mrs. Courtney’s husband feels the money could be invested more wisely elsewhere. John Garrison founded this paper, not Mrs. Courtney’s husband.