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Cute Horse Show l remember Now he joined in the same band Is there any problem for you? Don’t know that how the life shows a person Enemies may become friends and friends may become enemies These are the places selected by me that we are going to see next week We’ve come to encourage him We can’t go anywhere till the show gets over He is practicing It is India’s bating Come, let’s go and watch it No Udhay, l am going with Chandu to the practice Let the rain shower Game Let the rain shower Game That’s it No boss, we’ve made a full plan to give clarity to that clarity Kannaiah Come and join us Let it be this guy or that guy, What is it? Let it be anyone, comes to rule us Game Hey Appala Naidu! May you use atrocity or be a don May you use rowdyism or politics May you use goondayism or come with groups One by one, your people dead bodies only will fall down Tides near the shore will flow in blood Sorry brother! It is torn This game is excellent I will also try It is Balakrishna Your ears only should work while I am talking You won’t be alive for your next birthday if you use anything else Why did you hit me? Our Balaiah told this dialogue very stylishly in ‘Simha’ But you couldn’t bring that feel We, his fans get hurt There is no connection between him and me I’ll try one more time Okay, do it It is Chiranjeevi I’ll dance now Will you do superb? I’ll tear it off Why did you hit me again? How dare you try to dance like Chiranjeevi Did I dance superbly? No one can be compared to Chiranjeevi, he only can do his style We are fans, we can’t accept When someone hits you and if you feel tremors in your brainrf then, he is Pandu When someone hits you and if you feel tremors in your brain, then, he is Malayali It is Pandu, why did you say Malayali? Are you Mahesh Babu fans? Yes I got it, you continue I’ll leave What is this? Is it a group dance around me? No, you said that you got settled in Kerala long ago Then how do you know about these Telugu movies? You are dead Don’t hit me Hey ladies! Take me and put down somewhere Why did you bring me to the water?