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Cute KoalaTonight I’m gonna get Ringo and you might change your mind. Texan! Damn bastards! Come on! This is our last hope. They’re too many. It saved us once before. You still remember how it works? Maybe yes. Maybe not. We’ll see. Go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s withdraw! No more powder. Take care of the wounded. Send more men to the valley. Alright. Let’s go, boys! It’s impossible to get Ringo here in this valley. I lost many men. You’re not using your brain. You doubt too much. You’re wasting time. No, Daniels. That’s not true. ur partnership is too close. You defend your life. Like anybody else game My interests are involved as well, Daniels. You can trust me. I’d never betray you. We’ll see soon, Walcom. Now listen to me, Frank. We’ve got only a day left to force Ringo to give us those shares. After that the soldiers will be here. Then we’ll face a lot of trouble proving your decency. That goes for you as well, Daniels. And for your bank. Dear Alonso, you’ll make good business with Daniels the banker. He’s a fine boss. Have a cigar? If you forward a message to Ringo, you’ll be amply rewarded! I only have one boss. Death. So far death has ignored me. How much will I get? Dollars. That’s not much. Nobody came back alive after talking to Ringo. . Agreed? Agreed. No game Give it to my future widow. What do you want me to tell Ringo? What a nice welcome game Well, I expected it. Throw your gun away! It’s not loaded anyway. And keep your hands up! I’m ready. What do you want? Me? Nothing. But Daniels, the banker remember the messenger is not to blame game he says your wife gets killed if you don’t give up. And Walcom, your beloved fatherinlaw game game he says, that Willy, the boy, he’s save. For now. And that he is on your side. But Daniels has a suspicion that something’s wrong. I’ve finished. Shoot him. Hey, stop! What’s the matter with you? So you want to kill me? Go ahead, kill me! Ah, you see? He understands. He is intelligent. I’m very smart and could be of use to you. I’ll tell you how to attack. Just a matter of money.