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Cute Monkey If you’re a man, kill him. gun clicks Don’t move. McCarthy. You never tortured her. You two cooked that up. You were her lover. You’re a fool. The Goddess takes no lover. The Goddess makes slaves of men. In an instant, she can see to the heart of you and transform to your deepest desire. To Damien Lord, she was the princess bride. To you, a damsel in distress. She devoured all of you. You cannot defeat the Goddess. She cannot die. You’re as crazy as she is. If you were as rotten as her, I would blow your brains out right now, but I’m trying to be careful about who I kill, and all you did was pound the crap out of me. You’ve already paid an eye for that. I’m letting you go with a warning. Stay in bed. Don’t go back to work. And don’t get in my way. Dwight No, Ava, you’re no goddess. You’re a witch. A predator. Maybe I only got what I deserved, but what about the others? Good men driven mad. Bob You really lost it. Bad enough you leave your wife for that skank. You watch what you call her, you son of a bitch. You’re throwing away your career. Hell, you’re committing suicide, you stupid shit. I know what I’m doing. I’m going to Old Town. I’m gonna nail this guy once and for all. If I have to go it alone, I Will. Do me a favor, turn the car around and you go back to the station. You got to come clean with the captain. I’m a cop. I’m doing my job. I’m hunting down a murderer. Look, you got to ditch that dame. That’s enough! We won’t talk about Ava. Somebody has got to set you straight. You’ve got to forget about that stupid whore. Turn the car around or I’m turning you in. I warned you. thunder rumbling Every day, I warned you! But you keep asking for it! And asking for it! Well, here it is, pal. Mort, no. thunder rumbling body thumps Dwight A witch, a predator. Destroying lives. Sometimes for power. Sometimes for profit. Sometimes for sport. But now you’re locked away in your mansion. A bird of prey in a gilded cage. Are you ready to do something stupid? I’m so happy you chose to attend my little party, Herr Wallenquist.