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just last week game how did he die? Heart attack.cancer.brain damage game ? Nothing’s written here game He who cycles even at the age of , what can he suffer from game ? Hey! Stop stop stop game Is this your cycle game ? Yes sir I want to take a small round sir . Sir, I’ll be late game Oh no game !! Wait wait wait be careful just a few minutes more game I need to go to other houses too sir Ya I know game its okay game Didi will scold game Don’t push game l am trying to balance game Careful game Hey don’t push game it’ll turn game Careful game What game Sanju is coming to have a talk game go change your clothes or go to the stand game Why what’s wrong with these clothes? game and in any case he’s not coming to take you back with him. Look what he’s saying mom game at least we can ask for a settlement? Well he’s already left you so what are you going to settle? Now earn game live your life game respectfully You’re just frustrated and you don’t want even me to be happy game If you were so worried about your happiness then. game why did you steal your mother-in-law’s diamond ring and give it to mom? It wasn’t your ring game that she stole game what does he have anyways Do you even know what honesty means? game treachery never brings happiness game do you get that? As if you’ve been righteous always game exactly game how do we know why were you thrown out from your job game Hello.again.where? Honda. What the taxi’s been hit again game Who was the client? Tch.Piku.again game three drivers have left us already Hello Syed game look now this another taxi has also been hit game no we need to sort this out my friend game ok game I’ll see you tomorrow Played after ages. Yeah game Going back to Saudi game ? Not again. Aah Piku is here.l thought you gonna bunk. It wasn’t my fault game shall we leave game ? My driver must’ve delayed you game isn’t it? You guys chat.I’ll just get my Laptop Well game whatever it may be game these are known drivers game you’re safe with them game not only do they listen to you game they’re also scared