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Cute Pet Dress Up This is intolerable! People are leaving this city more and more. Nobody has the guts to make a stand against the DanielsBank. The two of us becoming partners will give me the chance to pay my husbands depts. We’ll use our resources as partners and Daniels will have to leave us alone. Sure, we strongly feel that way. So, Mrs. Carson, we will accept your suggestion by any means. Agreed? Agreed. He are our shares. You agree with this, Ringo? My opinion is of no concern I don’t have a choice. I am forced to accept it. No, Ringo. That’s not true. You, my son, will keep this block of shares of our new company. We’re all fighting Daniels together so this city becomes what it used to be. The way your father built it! A free city! Mama Carson united with sborne and Wise. They handed over their shares to Ringo. The shares and stocks they keep in an iron box. Pay me what you owe me! Ringo keeps the shares. sborne and Wise united with the Carsons. Come on, no one is here. Give me the shares. Stay here, I’ll handle this alone. It’s dangerous. I told you you to remain here! If anybody is coming, I’ll fire off a shot. This town became a nest of murderers! And you are their leader, Daniels! Although sborne and Wise got killed, I’ll meet my obligations. Here’s the money to pay off my husbands depts. How did you get that money? That’s none of your business. Give me those papers. Very well. I’m glad of that. You’re a stubborn lady, Mrs. Carson. You want to get into trouble. We could find an arrangement. Sorry, l’m not interested, Daniels. How unfortunate. You could count on our bank’s support game game to make use of that gold in your land. We’ll never do that. We know your methods. Maybe they are the best possible. Yes, for someone who is afraid. Remember, Daniels, I accepted everything in life but arrogations! We will defend ourselves. I warn you, we are not alone! There’s no other way left. I have to own those shares, whatever the price. Send the men to Mama Carson. But I don’t want her to get killed. There’s no box with shares in here.