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However lovely. Hmm? A glorious puppy wandering around, miserable and wet-nosed, looking for its mother. Drink. Drink. “She’s going through all the money like water, grasping, greedy for everything, but clever too, cunning. It’s a disease. She can’t help herself. She’ll take every single penny. She’ll ruin me. She’ll ruin us. She’ll ruin everything.” What is that? Nothing. What was it? Nothing. It was Why is he here? Because I asked him. Why? Why not? I needed advice. What for? Not your business. How long have you been lying to me? You hate him. If I’d told you he was here, it would have made you sick again. Send him away. Send him away! Why don’t I bring him here? Are you mad? He can stay here as my protector. He can stay in my bedroom. You wouldn’t dare. Why not? Why not? Why shouldn’t I have a life of my own and make a life for myself and do as I please? This house is mine, after all, isn’t it? Isn’t it mine? God! Get away from me. Stay away from me! Or I will call the servants. You stay away.