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Cute Pet Nursery 2 I will do it. My dear, I knew you are a good boy. What about your friend Frank Sanders, the Texan? We don’t ride together anymore. It’s better that way. What will you do about Daniels? Don’tworry, mama. Daniels is a coward feeling strong because there’s a bank behind him. He won’t attack us openly now that I’m with you. And mama game Yes? What would you say If I’d get married? h, Ringo game Marry? You and marriage? A guy like you marry someone? Grandfather? What is it? Is it born yet? Yes? A boy or a girl? It’s a boy. Does he look like me? No game But he is still a Walcom. Yes, Mister Walcom. : ARMED TRUCE. AMERICAN CIVIL WAR What happened? Hey! Hold it! Stop! Let’s get him down. Come on, help me. Easy. Come on. Careful. Easy. Get him now. Hold him. Ringo, some scattered confederates attacked the Merrils’farm. We have to game do something about it. Hurry up, get the men together. Right. n your horses! I’ll be back soon, mama. Hey game Bring me a confederate hat, daddy. I will my dear. Ringo, we’re ready! See you soon! Come on, shoot! Hurry, Ringo! ne child is still left in the house! Where is the door? ver there! I can’t see a thing. Go on. Mama! Mama! Let’s kill him. Halt! Ringo. Is he hurt? Ringo is the sheriff. Ringo, it’s me, Frank. Frank game My head game My eyes game I can’t see. Easy now, I’ll take care of it. We need a stretcher. You take care of it, Tom. I’ll hurry up, Frank. n your horses. We’re heading for Stone City. It’s an isolated town. Nobody will bother us. Ringo! My son! His head was hit. He can’t see. Get a doctor! Don’t look at me this way. A star on a chest always brings trouble, Jane Carson. The Texan game I don’t understand why he is back. The Texan is here. Tell Daniels the news. Walcom! Hey Frank! Didn’t see you for a long time. The war didn’t change you at all. I’ve heard about Ringo. Bad thing. But l’m not involved with the Carsons in any way anymore. They won’t let me see my daughter. They say I’m a cheat and a weapons dealer. I really don’t care. What will you do now? I’ll go back to River City.