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Hm. Ah Game Aah! We’re being pulled into a giant asteroid. We’re going to crash! Listen up, everyone. I figured it out. Profiterole, find the letter “r” in “adventure.” It’s the beginning of the word “restart!” And, then along with “star” and the “t” in “tours,” it spells out “restart!” I see it! Now push the button! Hurry! Get ready! I pushed the button, but nothing happened! This is getting too close! Whoa! Now we’re in the story “five weeks in a balloon!” Now how did they get here? Where is the doctor? We’ll explain if you keep us from crashing into that rock. Let me steer! I have a video game just like this! Looks like we’ve got company! Why are those lions chasing us? I don’t know. This doesn’t happen in the real story. Must be part of the mix Games up. Whoa! Hey! I thought you said you had a video game like this! Yeah, but I didn’t say I was good at it! Houston, no! Hiya! I got you. Aah! Brace yourselves! Can’t you get this thing any higher? Yes. We’re way too low. We should find something to cut loose! Did I hear someone say, “cut loose?” Well then I’m your man! Take that! The lions are throwing us off balance! We’re spinning out of control. Hang on, everyone. We are almost touching ground! Those lions are relentless. We have got to gain altitude! It’s now or never! I’m trying. But the wheel is stuck! Why couldn’t Jules Verne just imagine soft, cuddly pussy cats instead? We were almost their dinner. We can help bring doctor Ferguson back, I promise. Please trust us and lower your weapons so we can all work together. You had better be telling us the truth! Where do you want us to take you? To the temple of Onoffon. He’s sayin’ we should go to the temple of Onoffon. In the village of the Munchi Munchi tribe. The Munchi Munchi! That’s the name of the tribe that we’re supposed to go see. Why do you think they call themselves that? It’s an onomatopoeia. Oh, so they’re Japanese! No, it means the word and the sound are the same. Like the buzz of a bee