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Is that what she says? No, it isn’t. But it’s true. I bend my old legs to the ground and hit the earth with both hands! Woe is me, Hekabe. My shaky old legs, followthe path you have to follow and make me your slave. Bravo, bravo! Fantastic, fantastic! Magnificent! Brilliant! Fantastic! She is so good! She is so good! May I take a photo? Games Yes, of course. Who is that creep? Games That creep is my director, who would love to have me but is controlling himself’cause I’m with Theo. Judith, may I have your autograph? Games Yes, of course. Mum! Games Sweetheart. You were really good! Games Did you like it? It was great! Games That’s lucky. Hi, Dad. I didn’t recognize you, sorry. Games It wouldn’t be the first time, eh? Thanks. Games What for? Just for being here. I’ve been thinking. It may be a bit of a strange idea, but Game What do you think about us going on holiday to Italy? Umbria or Tuscany. I can rent a house with a swimming pool. The girls would love having all ofus together again, wouldn’t they? You would have to cancel that television series. But you could write for two months, and I could be chief cook and dishwasher. . You don’t like the idea, do you? Games No, I think it’s a great idea. Do you? Games It is so not Nick. You used to be totally insufferable Game Games Now I’m just a bit insufferable. No. That ‘who, what, where, when’ thing is more complicated than I thought. That Theo, well, Games Theo. Maybe I’m too old for that kind ofromance now. The knight on a white stallion doesn’t exist. Am I hopeless? Games No, you’re not hopeless. What makes you say that? No, you’re Game Christ, how should I put it? You are totally OK, Judith. Really. You’re a fantastic actress. You’re a great mother, you know. The fact that the girls are doing so well is only thanks to you. They love you to bits, and rightly so. Hold on, sorry. Oh no. Don’t answer it. Not now. Don’t answer it, Judith. Theo? Hi! That was the moment that Dad had enough. Just a second.