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Cute Pony & Me 2 we’re in a hurry. I think th s change on the ground be ongs to you. I don’t know what your parents were thinking. naming you Smoky. My brother’s the one who started caII ng me that. Why? He gave me my first jo nt to smoke at my father’s funera I couIdn’t stop coughing. so the name stuck. How did your father die? He hanged himse f. Yep t’s been a whiIe. I was when he d ed. Th s is the onIy thing of h s that I st II have. What s it? A bezoar. Awhat? A bezoar. It’s sort of I ke a dreamcatcher. It’s meant to protect you, but he had it around h s neck when he hanged himse f, so.. We’re go ng to be roommates. We have no cho ce. t’s their Iast room. Norm? Yes, Norm. Norm Lamoureux game What is t? Noth ng. except that he’s about as re iabIe as a weatherman. And why does Chow Yen want an Inu t? Aren’t there enough peopIe here who owe him money? For pIenty of good reasons. F rst. they’re descended from As ans,and that’s very important. They’re not poIIuted by smog. Are you kidding me? Do ook Iike I’m kidding? You’II Iove the next one They eat sea. So? WeII game SeaI, Pierrette, is fuII of Omega, and Omega.. Is good for the heart. Very good. Last y, when an Inuit disappears.. no one taIks much about it That’s one good reason out of four. But are you reaIIy go ng to do this? Are you rea Iy going to cut open an nuit? Since when s it your job to Iynch peopIe? A RARE EMENT Everyone wants to go to Europe, but it costs a fortune. I’m teIIing you, Shanghai. is supposedIy the one p ace to see before you die. And not just for the girIs. I hear there’s a seafood dish over there that is the mea of a ifetime. They take the fish out of the aquarium and put it in bo ing o for five seconds. Jesus! ApparentIy t’s haIf aIive when they serve it to you. You cut it open and the heart’s st II beating! Must be something eIse We’re gonna hit the road before breakfast. My friend owns a restaurant just past the park. Oh, that’s ton ght? Your merchandise must be pretty va uabIe for you to carry a gun The Far North is a dangerous p ace. AII rght,