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Cute Princess With Sweet Unicorn to kill me? I made a mistake. I won’t touch her again. I swear on Mother India, she’s like a sister to me. Not only will I not touch her, I won’t pass by her house either. Sir, please forgive me. Guys, if you wanna beat me up, do so. But I beg of you to let me go. Dude, you won the bet. Remember to take the from me. You really taught this guy a lesson. Please forgive me, sir. Please, sir. Mr. Policeman, let us go or you’ll have to pay for this. Let us go. Thank you, sir! Thank you! Thank you! Catch it! Go tell whoever your father is that Chautala is the wrong cop to mess with. Ma’am, I asked you to make them wait outside. Please show them out. Wait for two minutes, they will leave. If the administrators find out that they are here, I will lose my job. Okay, I’ll talk to you. Come with me. Ma’am, I told you that the visiting hours are from to in the evening game How about you and I meet between to ? Do you get it? Do me a favor. Don’t allow these reporters to come inside. You got it, right? Let’s meet later. I have breaking news. Put this as headline! A slap on the nation and its police force. This is Dev Mazumdar’s story. This wasn’t the first time. We’d used Gaurav’s fathers’ name to get away from the cops in the past. But, this was Chautala game Alpha zero, zero. Do you copy? Senior inspector has discovered new evidence regarding the perpetrators. The dead body will soon be sent over to Ganga Ram hospital for the postmortem. There are four suspects that we are currently in pursuit of. Any further information will be relayed to you immediately. Over and out. Hey, ma’am. You don’t have a lot of time. If he wanted to arrest us, we would have been in jail by now. The man is trying to break us. We should wait for the police. Guess what, ma’am! He is a cop. He just killed someone right in front of our eyes and you think game Darn it. Gaurav, can’t you get your father to save us. This is a cold blooded murder. If my father finds out about this he would take you to task in such a way that you won’t be able to recuperate