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Cute Puppy LoveRemember me. You have business tonight, Mrs. Lord. Unpleasant business. I don’t care any more. Dwight The night air hasn’t gotten any colder. It just feels that way. Buddy, I don’t mean to poke my nose where it don’t belong, but game That there is a dame to kill for. Dwight Ava. Damn. Night turns to day and then it’s night again, and there’s nowhere to hide. She isn’t worth a moment’s thought, and I can’t get her out of my head. What am I doing smoking? Where did I get these cigarettes? It’s Ava making you crazy all over again. Never let the monster out. Shake her off. Whatever she’s in for, she deserves it. But I have to know what’s wrong. It’s a couple hours’ drive out to Sacred Oaks. It shouldn’t take too much effort to get to the bottom of this. Just a simple job of breaking and entering, punishable by up to five years in the slammer, even if I don’t kill anybody. I wind up seeing a lot more of Ava than I bargained for. And she seems perfectly goddamn fine. Not roughed up. Just the rich man’s wife she always intended to be. I’m a damned fool. Freeze, pervert. Let me through, Manute. whispers I’m sorry, Dwight. Dwight An atom bomb goes off between my legs. A freight train barrels into my jaw. I’ve taken a beating before, but never like this. Never like this. punch echoing The sounds go wet. Maybe he keeps hitting me. I don’t know. I’m gone. Gone to that place where there’s no pain or thought. I wake up in midair. loud thud The pavement rushes up to give me a big sloppy kiss. groaning I’ll be damned. Doortodoor service. Then I spot my Mustang, which makes no sense. Why would they return my car? lighter clicks Get out of here. No. Put your clothes back on and get out of here now. No. You had your chance. I would have stayed away, but you came for me. You still want me. And I’m yours. Now. Tonight. Get out of my life once and for all, or I’ll bash your teeth in. If you can’t love me game game hate me. If you can’t forgive me, punish me. Make me hurt like I’ve hurt you. Dwight I call her every foul name there is.