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Cute Puppy Time 2 Let’s look upstairs. Somebody is coming. Let’s hide! You should not have killed her. Jane! Mama! Get them! Masked men! Help! Where are you? Help! Let me go! Let me go! Ringo! Jane! Mama! Ringo! Where are you? Jane! Ringo! Let me go! Where are those shares? Help me! Let me go! Jane! Ringo! Ringo! Mama! Where are you? No! Jane! I’ll ask you one more time: Where did you hide those shares? You’ll never know! Talk! Ringo! Help! You cowards! Cowards! Ringo game Ringo. Wake up. Ringo. Murderers! Cowards! Shut her up. No! Enough now limping man! We have to get out of here. It won’t make sense to look for those shares around here. Hey, what’s going on here? By God! Mama Carson game They killed her. Jane! Ringo? It’s me, Tom. Ringo! My head game My Head! Where is my mother? Where is she? They shot her. Killed her? What about Jane? She will be alright. She passed out. Where were you? Calm down. Bring me to Daniels! Take it easy! Bring me to Daniels! Now! Take it easy, Ringo! Get me to Daniels! You understand? Ringo game What the game Come here! Ringo game I can see. I can see game I can see. Nobody must know. Don’t tell it even to Jane. Yes, Ringo, yes. Bring those weapons to the valley of lndians. My revenge will get them. Among them was a man who limped. The death of your mother hurts me deeply, Ringo. I will find the murderers. You are game game a good sheriff and a great gun man. You’ll find them game game on your own, without Daniels. He’s just a banker and is not involved in such things. He must have bought you. No, Jane, you’re wrong. You accuse me wrongly. I’m Ringos friend. I’ll start investigating and l’ll find them. I will show you my gratitude, Texan. There they are. The one who limps and the leader of the gang. It was them who killed your mother. And Ringo will kill them for it. I’ll come along. No. l’ll go alone. Hey blind man! You have guts. What are you doing here? You want to share the bitter fate of your mother? We were not paid to kill you. Why are you walking around without your wife? We found those three bodies in the street.