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Take it down! Medivh! Hold on, son. Dad. For Azeroth. SHOUTING Medivh! SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Callan. CRACKLING SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING THUNDER RUMBLING He’s here. What’s wrong with him? We need to get him to Karazhan. I’ll get the horses. KING LLANE: You won’t make it in time by road. Take one of my birds. SCREECHING MOROES: Place him in the font. Moroes, what’s wrong with him? I told him not to leave Karazhan. WHIMPERS I have to go. We need the help of the Kirin Tor. Now! Go. There are medicines I must prepare. Sit with him. You and the baby must leave now! You are a traitor, Durotan. No. One who values what we once were. Like you used to. That time has passed. We are but fuel for the Fel now. There is still hope, Blackhand. Our children. BABY CRYING Do not make me take more innocent lives, young chieftain. If I submit Games Would you let my people be? What will I call our son? Go’el. You. Where’s the old man? He told me to watch you. The king? He is alive. Lothar’s son is dead. SIGHS I argued for the meeting. Lothar will hate me. This upsets you? He is a great warrior. He defends his people well. A good mate for an orc. I am no orc. I am no human either. When I was younger, I used to feel apart from my kin. I traveled far and wide, looking for wisdom. Feel a connection with all the souls I was charged with protecting. In my travels, I met a strong and noble people. Among them, a female. Who accepted me for who I was. Who loved me. It was not a life I was fated to have, but it taught me something. If love is what you need, you must be willing to travel to the ends of the world to find it. You left your mate. Go find Lothar. Step inside the circle. This is my gift to you, Garona. ORGRIM: Whole world in exchange for a statue. Gods are strange creatures. GUL’DAN LAUGHS Frostwolves. You are a practical people. Those of us from the south have always admired that about you. When the portal opens and the rest of the Horde join us, we will gift them the Fel. All of them. Durotan did not agree to this! And why