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Cute Squirrel Hes stealing a car. Wheres the nearest parking lot? Theres one straight ahead this way. So no regrets. Not one. You know what? I dont give a game about the people Ive gameed. If by some stroke of pure luck, you manage to game me then I wont give a game about that, either. Hes here. Hes around here somewhere. That was quite a speech. You bring out the best in me. Gas. Get back! Get back! Get back! Mira Filipova. Where is she? How do you know that name? When was the last time you saw her? I dont know game maybe three years ago. I was her case worker. A good friend of mine died trying to find her. Im sorry. I have no idea where he is. The woman who approached you at the restaurant, she was a professional gameer. Russian. The men on the motorbikes were CIA. CIA? Now, whatever that girl knows a lot of people want it. And if they cant find her, Youre the next closest thing. Do you have files on the women you help? Yes. Were going to catch this tram. Why do you hate him so much? The man who wants to game us game Why do you hate him? I dont hate him. No. Hes probably the best friend Ive ever had. So, all your friends try to game you? Eventually. Where can I find her? I told you I dont know. You must know something. Friends, places she frequented game people dont just disappear. I do not know, okay. In my line of work, yes, yes they do. They disappear. One day you think theyre there, the next theyre just gone. She stopped coming to meetings. People said she was using, doing tricks. Do you know who this man is? A pimp. He brings girls in from the Caucasus, sells them for game. His name is Liebe Denko. No. His real name is Simeon Denisof. He was Federovs righthand man during the last Chechen conflict. Do you know where he is right now? Yes. Hes here, in Belgrade. How do you know Denisof? Just people you meet. I want to see Liebe Denko. No. Just tell him Peter Devereaux is here. Wait. You look like shit. Yeah? Well, you dont look too good yourself. Youre welcome. I cant believe it. So game why are you here, Peter? I want information.