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One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight You’re okay. You’re okay. Get your hands up. Box ! Gasps Referee Break ! Crowd Murmuring, Applause One ! Two ! Three ! Four ! Five ! Six ! Seven ! Eight ! Get your hands up. Box ! Come on, Flynn. Box on ! Come on, Flynn ! Box ! Box on ! Groans Box on. It’s over. Box on. The fight’s over. I told you he was a quitter, didn’t I, Betty ? You should have stopped the in’ fight. Flynn ! Applause Man On TV What an extraordinary ending. You’ll never fight in this country again. Woman Hey ! Are you happy now ? Oh, Danny boy, the pipes The pipes are callin’ That’s some boxer you got there, lke. Throws in his own towel. You teach him that ? Aye, you laugh at Danny Flynn, the only good thing that ever came out of this district. I know you, Harry ! You’re only interested in hurtin’ people. That’s your only pleasure, isn’t it ? Go and get yourself another bottle of meths, lke. Take it easy, Harry. Coin Clatters Harry Laughing You tell all the big boys in there how you ran away, how you left Danny Flynn to take the blame, how he kept his mouth shut, how he should’ve told and a lot more innocent people would be alive today ! Shut your in’ mouth, ya drunken wino, or I’ll shut it for ya. You killed this district, Harry ! You killed the one thing you loved. Come on, Harry. He’s irrelevant. Leave me alone. Your own son ! What are you talkin’ about ? You filled his head full of shit ! And you sent him out to die ! Go home. Go home ! Helicopter Whirring He’s dead. He’s dead, Liam. Sorry, Liam. Boy The army says he could be booby-trapped. Come back, Liam ! He could be booby-trapped ! He’s booby-trapped ! Liam ! Come back ! Man On Megaphone Stay away from the body ! You have been warned ! Stay back from the body ! Stay away ! Stay away ! You have been warned ! Danny. They’re watching the house. ’em. Can I come in ? My father’s here. Good. I’d like a word with him too. Peter. Danny. Danny. I’m sorry about lke Weir. I’m gonna build a gym for the kids. Try and teach them somethin’.Cute Sweet Flower garden