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In a week’s time, I’ll have left Brookfield. The next time we meet. there won’t be any rules. When you’re in the Horse Guards, there’ll be some. Allow me. See you at lunch. Oh, God, you’re so beautiful. Chilton. Sir. Fan. Sir. Faye. Sir. Good morning. Good morning. I had to come in person and tell you how very sorry I was to hear your news. How very kind of you, Katherine. Yes, leaving here after years is going to be rather a wrench, I admit. But of course, it has to be. Anno Domini. It doesn’t seem fair, does it, that as we get older game game they stay the same age. No, it doesn’t. Oh, well. I realise that delicacy may prevent you asking this game game but I have recommended your husband to the governor as my successor. Not that that may count for much. Oh, you know it will. I’m terribly grateful. Well, there’s no need. Miller. Sir. I recommended the man that I thought would be the best. I haven’t always thought that. I suppose, but, uh game How long have you been married? It’s our th anniversary today. Ah. Vincent. Sir. Wedlake. Sir. Wenham. Sir. Whitely. Sir. William. Sir. Wordsley. Sir. Wright. Sir. Yates. Sir. Thank you. Thank you for my anniversary present. Your own you’ll find on the table in front of you at lunch. Meaning you’d totally forgotten. No wonder the boys call you Ditchie. Short for “ditchwater, dull as.” I don’t think they do any longer. What do they call you? I don’t know. Chips, I think. Chips. Ah, now, that’s much better. Oh, no, Max, they still don’t like me. I don’t expect them to any longer. unfeeling little monsters. Let them unfeel. Who cares? In the last years. I’ve become just as unfeeling as they are. Hey, boy- Where’s the file? I’m late for class, sir. Why? Sir, I was down at the swimming pool, sir game game practicing my diving and my watch stopped, because it got water in it. Not very convincing. I suggest this. You were on your way to class when I called you over game game and gave you a lecture on your slovenly appearance. If asked, you will bear that out, Mr. Staefel?