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Cute Thai Makeover se only cash, and wait for this to ring. Sara? Sara? Sara? David? Im here. Its alright. Everythings going to be alright. He wont hurt you. You understand? Let her go. Let her go. Then you? What? Bullets start bouncing around? Tell him he needs to listen. Tell him. You need to listen. You know what hes doing, dont you? Hes trying to decide what youre worth. He will not hurt you. He still hasnt decided. Ask him. Ask him if youre worth saving. Am I worth saving? Hes not answering your question is he? You need to make him answer your question! Am I worth saving? Yes! You are. You like her, huh? Yeah. Time to finish your training. What the game can you teach me? You gave up on me, remember? What did you want? I want to be better than you. What does that mean? To be better than me. To be better at something? Hmm? To be a better man? Why did you drop me? Oh game here it comes. I took the shot. What was I supposed to do? I had no choice. Theres always a choice. Answer the gameing question! You made the wrong choice. I came here tonight, Mason, to game you. I did not know what she was to you. Oh, you though this was about Natalia? No, this is about you. You can be a human. Or a gameer of humans, but not both. Eventually one of those people will extenguish the other one All you have to do now, is just to show me. That its not too late for you. Come on! No! Second chance, Mason. Scenario: Your target has just severed the femoral artery of a woman. No! Has just severed the femoral artery of a woman you have been intimate with What do you do? Let her go! game! Lucilia, you want to know what I did? I know what you did Mr. Hanley, were discussing why. You dont know what I did or what I do. Ergo, how the game could you possibly comprehend why? Lets start at the top. Look, what do you think it is that we do here at the agency? We collect information. No, information is useless. That changes overnight. Knowledge isnt power. People are power. We collect people. And if anyones listening at Langley, with half a brain in their head,