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Cute Twilight Makeover Observe game This note game Relax, everything will be OK. Right. Park there. Here is good. Come on, get moving! We have hours to get them there. Sometimes less. You can not play. Have you seen the rule, of course. Yes. But repeat, please, because I game Never give your phone or your address, or bursts. They call at am or appear in your shack. Will come. Good day. Good morning, ladies. Paper, metallic, and telephones in the box. So thank you. Passe. That sucks! Move your arms. Do not fill! Arms. I come here all the time. All right. This will not show you. Will shove why this nut? You can go. Thank you. But I have nothing. Can go. Good day. Good day. Sit down. No, Alice. Sit here. Claro. Let’s start. Your name? Samba Cissé. How long have you in France? For nearly years. Right. Tell me what happened. Alice will write down. I work in restaurants for years. Wash dishes, but soon will be in the kitchen. That’s good. Three days ago, my boss promised me a permanent job. I had a request for a permanent visa. Right. I thought it would be good to notice. And I was at City Hall with the papers. And apparently, they had already sent me refusing the visa. But received nothing. There where I live the mailbox is complicated. And game They arrested me. Arrested game Pissed race. That’s what I thought too. Anoto this? No, for what? Miss, you can come here for a while? This one game I smell trouble heavy. All right? Yes, all right. And you? Yes, all right. I’m hungry, but okay. I may have game A cereal bar. Thank U. It is musk? No, it is bought in pharmacies. It is whole wheat or oatmeal. No, your perfume. It is musk? That is. These remedies are there for what? It is because I have trouble sleeping. Especially at night. I wanted some of them, please. Which one? Who do sleep at night. I Imovane. It is a powerful sleep aid. If not, has Lisanxia. This or Valium. Which one suggests to start? As input? The sleeping pill, he’s good. Thank U. Want to have it all? Yes, thank you. It is fire in the ass. Has two Afghans arrived. Continuing game You are here by decision of the city council.