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Cutel Panda 2 Did that? Didn’t fit.” [Camera shutter clicks] CAZALAS: God, the guy looks like a librarian! He doesn’t look like a person that would dismember a human being. I explained to him he’d been arrested for, you know, homicide. “Your bond has been set at $,.” And he asked me, he said, “Well, what should I do?” And I said, “I don’t know. Do you have $,?” And he just calmly looked at me and he goes, “Well, not on me.” [Camera shutter clicks] [Camera shutter clicks] JONES: Who the hell is this guy to give you that type of an answer? Which is not the type of answer you would normally hear. CAZALAS: I get a call from the desk sergeant at the jail. He goes, “Cody, this Durst guy, “he made a phone call to somebody named “Debrah in New York. “Told them he was in Galveston, Texas, “under arrest for murder, and he needed $,. And she said, “No problem, it will be there in the morning.” And I’m thinking, “What’s going on here?” [Buzzer] MAN: Are you the wife of Robert Durst? Yes. When did you marry him? December . Would that have been December , ? Yes. OK. When did you first hear that Mr. Durst had rented an apartment in Galveston, Texas? Um, I heard that he rented an apartment in Galveston, Texas certainly after October , . OK. And why are you so definite about that date? Because that was the day he called me, after he was arrested. And I never even heard of Galveston, Texas. When he called you, where was he calling from? Jail. How long was it from the time that he was arrested until he got out of jail on bail? hours. OK. When he got out, where did he go? [Laughs] I’m in New York. He’s in Galveston. He probably went to the bail bondsman’s office first. And then he probably went home. Do I know? Was I there? I wasn’t there. CAZALAS: I’m back at work the next morning about :. I get to my office. Usually on my phone there may be one or two messages. I get to, I get my cup of coffee, I sit down, my light’s blinking. messages. That’s when the information about who Robert Durst really was started coming into play. We get this tip that a Bob