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school for essentially the first time of their high school careers. And here we have the abandoned mini-mall, which, as you can see, is not Orlando, it’s Charlotte, North Carolina, hence the lack of leaves on the trees. (WHISPERING) They’re not supposed to know. But, it feels appropriately dead and distant from the world. Yeah, the trees got scared and they lost their leaves. Frightening over here. It’s just that kind of place, the leaves game It’s always dead. Right. Right. Dead year ’round. But there is a game This game Nat did a greatjob there and it was not easy. I remember all the times that we had to do that. Yeah. We were trying to do slapstick. Yeah. Slapstick gags. Yeah. But this is appropriately creepy. Yeah, we’ve now game So now this is on a set again. This is one of Chris Spellman’s best creations for the film, was getting this whole set. This huge set that they built with multiple rooms that actually line up exactly the way they did in the exterior that we shot. This is another place that feltjust like the book to me. So much so that, like, if I go back to that story now, I see game Hey, John, talk a little bit about the real place that inspired this. game I see it as this. Yeah, I mean game So I used to break into abandoned buildings, and there is an abandoned mini-mall sort of on the old road to Disney World that’s a little bit like this. And so it’s based on a real place and the Troll Hole is a real thing that I told game Not in Orlando, actually, but in Detroit. And I showed Jake a video of it right before they did the graffiti for the Troll Hole. And I think it looks great. It looks exactly like the Troll Hole looks in actual Detroit, which you can probably still find at some random abandoned office building in the city of Detroit. But there are a lot of these abandoned mini-malls. And they are creepy. They’re also reminders to me of sort of how Orlando works. Like, that there is something about Orlando that feels very temporary. Now, of course, all places are temporary. But that place always