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Doctor Pet Nose 2 Durst couldn’t decide between Ramsey and me, so, he hired both of us. MAN: All Good Things, a new feature film, premiered at the SVA Cinema in Chelsea. The film was inspired by one of the most notorious missing persons cases in New York City history. MAN: Andrew, what brought you to this film? Well, I’m always interested in, interested in these sort of monster stories. You know, you find out that somebody is described as a maniac or a crazy person or a, a serial killer, and I always think that those people started out somewhere. You know, they started out as people, and they had hopes and dreams. He was an unusual person. So, he did unusual things. Stranger than fiction, in a lot of ways. I remember this case because it’s based on one of the great murder mysteries. There was a man named Robert Durst who came from a very wealthy real estate family. He married a beautiful woman named Kathie. Played by you, and then in , khht, she was gone. Nobody has ever found the body. He was never charged with the murder. He’s still alive. I remember saying to my partner, “I would like to make a movie “that Robert Durst himself could “sit and watch, and have an emotional reaction to.” A call comes through. And I pick it up. And a sort of smaller voice on the line says, “Hello. IIIs this Eamonn Bowles?” So I said, “Yes.” He goes, “Oh, this is Bob Durst.” [Laughs] My blood froze. I went like, “Um, oh, hello, excuse me. Who is this? I thought this was someone else. Who’s calling?” And he’s like, “This is Bob Durst. I’m looking for Andrew Jarecki.” And I’m like, “Oh!” [Telephone ringing] DURST ON RECORDING: Hello? JARECKI ON RECORDING: Hi. Mr. Durst? DURST: Hi, Mr. Jarecki. How are you? JARECKI: I’m good. How are you? DURST: Good. I just saw the movie. So, I hhhave an idea. I’ve no idea if it makes any sense. But, but you’re the one to talk to about it. JARECKI: Sure. DURST: Would it make sense for as in some capacity there to be an interview with me related to what’s in the movie? JARECKI: Yeah, I think that’s a fascinating idea. I’ll be in touch soon.