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travel the world for nearly a decade. It was to show nature, animals, places and people They are living as the beginning of time. A more optimistic view of the same planet Sebastião had looked hurt and destroyed. Genesis was to be his great work. A love letter to the planet. Zo’é had representations in writings of the sixteenth century Jesuits Amazon coming and reported on a people who wore a kind of tube in the lower lip. These Indians never been seen. We thought it was a fable or an invention of the Jesuits, until the end of the forties, when we contacted them again. Estado de Paré, Brasil Tribe Zoe, These Indians live in paradise. The only place I’ve seen in my life where women have , or husbands and many other women’s husbands. The woman has a husband hunter, un fisherman husband, a husband who works a little agriculture a husband who is close to home and helps you do all game Women have tremendous power. Have dominion over from men, bastante considerable. Something that has always seemed very interesting to these peoples It is that the people had a full awareness of their image. When I was going to take a picture, the person knew I was going to represent your image At first they were somewhat interested, then let them be interested. It was not his world. However, I was very interested in my knife. YPO my friend made me swear I’d give my knife. But the head of the FNI had made me promise not to give them anything, to protect the purity of these Indians. I said, “Look, we make a deal. The day that you go and strip the knife out the window of the plane. I will follow the path of the plane and I find the knife.” These plants are very old. They are between and years. The wonderful plants game ferns. A shade plant, which grows in the middle of the jungle, in the highest parts, here. Hair reminds me of my mother. My mother was a beautiful woman. Lot. Those were your plants. When she died, my father cared for him until he died. After the we brought us. Look, it’s raining. How pretty. That land is very important to us.