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Doctor Rabit O bucks you got, O bucks worth you get. Steady as a rock game game once I’m prepped. screaming O bucks got you the bullet. But that hand of yours, that’s a lot of bones need setting. I’ll give you an hour for your shoes. Take them. bone cracks screaming Johnny I do my best to think about winning game Revenge. The old man must like popsicles. He uses the sticks for splints. He licks them first. Not so much as a goddamn thank you. Generosity don’t count for shit, this game game day and age. Quite a job you did on me, Roark. Even my shoes. There’s nothing more you could take, except game game Marcie. The girl. Oh, my Christ. thunder rumbling Marcie. Oh, Marcie, you weren’t a part of this. You were just there to throw them off their game. What have I dragged you into? This has turned into a long, bad night. The window’s not locked. Never a good sign. Not in Sin City. Look who decided to show up. Give the man a hand. Give the man another hand. Ruined, penniless, friendless and forgotten. You’d really be better off dead, Johnny. guns clicking But I like you just the way you are. Johnny I got cocky. I got cocky, and I got Marcie dead. Damn it, Johnny. Hate yourself when you got the time. Think about tonight’s game. That’s all that matters now. And all you need is money. Just one lousy buck would be enough to get you started. doorbell jingles Hello, ma’am. I don’t have the money to pay, but could I ask you for a glass of water? Yeah. Times are tough all over. Thank you. What’s with the hand? I beat the wrong guy at cards. Tough break. Thank you very much. Just a second, you. You don’t stink of anything ldonHke, and you kind of remind me of an old boyfriend, okay? This won’t take you very far. Sweetheart, it’s gonna take me to the moon. Johnny Sin City, you never know. Just don’t spend it all in one place. Hey, handsome. What you gonna do with all that? I’m gonna kill Roark. The Roarks, they don’t die that easy. I just might surprise you. Looks like something happened to your game hand, son. I fold. What’s wrong, hotshot?