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to see what everybody’s built, to see the old faces, people that I’ve hung out with. It’s just fun. People seem genuinely happy to see me. And I love the fact that I still feel like I’m part of the community. IAIN: I’m a complete AFOL. I hate the term, because, like, Trekkies and Whovians get these cool handles. We have to use an acronym. I build characters from the big screen and the small screen, from video games and from Internet culture and memes. The first one was my Stephen Hawking model, which unexpectedly went viral. And that’s when I realized there was a larger audience for LEGO creations. I’m most looking forward to connecting with all my LEGO buddies again. Uh, we get to see all the new things that we’ve created. It’s putting on a show. And for a nerd like me, it’s not often you get a chance to put on a show. So, did you figure out what you’re bringing to BrickCon? Yeah, I think I’m going to bring the Haunted Doll House. We both were into LEGO as kids. We didn’t realize it when we started dating. And when we got married and moved into the house, Dave’s mom called and said, “Come get your stuff.” In that stuff, we found a huge tub of LEGO. We sat down one evening and started building. So, yeah, we did that and found out it was a lot of fun to build together. Yeah. And we really enjoyed it. I tend to build a lot of steampunk creations. I just like the elegance of steampunk. I tend to focus more on the small details and interiors. You’re also really big on minifigs. Yes. I do like minifigs. Well, obviously we’re gonna have to take the car down. The big joke at LEGO conventions is the x. And uh, for those of you that don’t know what a x is game That is a guy code in the LEGO community for a hot girl. And, it’s because LEGO doesn’t make a x. Years ago, hot girls at conventions were a rarity. But, you know, luckily I have my x, so I’m all good. My definition of adults that play with LEGOs are just tall kids. BOY IMITATING AIRPLANE LAUGHS I like to build, but I’m not the best builder. Do you wanna know who