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Easter Eggs Farm is taken care of. AAA will tow your car back to L.A. I’ll be there within an hour and then game That’s definitely not a good idea. What? Are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine. Will you stop rushing me? You always do that to me. Shirin, what’s going on? Nothing. I’m just having a really tough day. It’s really busy here. Can you just come tomorrow? What? No, I can’t come tomorrow. I’m already on my way. Just meet me at the local hospital, okay? What hospital? Sweetheart, what’s the matter? Oh. Hi. Hi. Sorry I’m late. Late for what? I’m not going anywhere. These are for you. Oh. Wild flowers. They’re my favorite. William picks them for me. I had a feeling about that. You look a lot better. Compared to what? Did I scare ya? Yeah. You did. You look game I don’t know, different, beautiful, rosy. Your cheeks are all a flush. It must’ve been the rush to get over here. My fiancé, Mike, is coming to pick me up, so I came to say goodbye. Goodbye? How about the interview? Oh no. You don’t worry about the interview. Please, just concentrate on getting better. You saved my life. I want to do the interview. I do. Write down your questions and put ’em on a piece of paper. Give ’em to William, and he’s my right hand man. It’ll be fine. Rachel, I don’t game Do not argue with me. It’s a losing battle. I thought you knew that. Thank you for everything. I’m gonna be fine. I wish I had some coffee and some cookies. You know what? Get me a vase from that nurse that has that mustache. Don’t tell her it’s for me. She doesn’t like me. Oh gosh. All right. Okay? I game I’ll get her. Okay. Okay. Byebye. I’m looking for Ms. Rachel Harson. One second. Yes, uh, room to the left and the immediate right. Thank you. Hi. What? What do you want? No, I just game okay. You write on a typewriter? What are you doing here? I came to say goodbye. Oh. It’s pretty, isn’t it? You should see it at night. if the skies are clear you can see every star in the sky. I don’t know what to say. You don’t have to say anything. I, um, I game I want game I want to say something.