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Elegant Sea Horse 2 To lunch with Tatiana. You just got out of the hospital! I feel fine. You just got here. Sit down. I’ll make coffee. No coffee. I’m on my way! Dad! Dad, please. You’ll kill yourself, if you keep this up. I can’t bear to see you just blow everything. Please, stop. Go back to how you used to be. Do you hear me? Stop all this, Dad. I can’t. I’d like to. I’d like to stop but game I can’t. Where are you? What? What’s come over you? You’ve lost your mind! She hung up. What’s going on? She’s on her way to the police. To Immigration. Quick! Call her back! She’s on voicemail. It’s this way. What are you doing? You can’t do this. Listen, I know what I’m doing. I’ll do the dirty work. Your hands stay clean, your ethics pristine. Ethics? We’re denouncing her. We’re collaborators! Stop, Babette. Wait one second. You can’t speak to Karine like that! Could you live with that filth? With that on your conscience? And your conscience? If we don’t try to save his life? If he goes on like this, he’ll die. You don’t agree with her? Arnaud, he’s made his choice. It’s Tatiana, not us. We have to accept that. He’s not your hero anymore. He’s an old man. He’s losing his marbles. He’s disappointed us, so you let him croak? Is that how you love, Babette? You really wanna do this? No. But I think we have to. Miss game Wait, Miss! Can you give me a few moments? Sorina and I have plane tickets to Chisinau. We leave tomorrow. You and your sister won. Happy? Not particularly. We just wanted to protect our father. Why would I kill Lucien? You have to live together years before you get your papers here. Didn’t you know that, Mr. Big Shot Lawyer? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Still, it stands to reason you should be compensated. Am I supposed to thank you now? Don’t bother. Simon, you’re in the way. Back to square one! Are these hers? That’s the Viagra. Will you be here much longer? What’s the matter? Report Card Sorina Kolkina You’ve integrated well. Keep up the good work!! Oh, shit. That’s what we’ve done. That! What did Sorina do