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Me? Yes. You can try and tell me the truth this way. Listen, I’ve never done anything like that. And plus I’ve already told you the truth. Marshal! Yes sir? You can go now. How’s it going? He’s a tough nut to crack. Keep at him, and don’t let him sleep. And tell Game Parineddu that I want to see him here in town tomorrow. Ah Game and Zecchinetta in my office, now. Wait a while and then show him Pizzuco’s false confession. You seem to know everyone, take a little look at that distinguished gentleman who’s chatting with Don Mariano. It’s not a new face is it? No Game I don’t know him. But come on, that’s Minister Botta. He’s a part of the puzzle. Which ‘puzzle’? He is the link that joins Don Mariano and Honourable Minister Passarella. Captain, I don’t know him. I’ve never seen him before. Captain Game Pizzuco! Sit down! A signed confession. You’ve been done! Pizzuco accuses you of killing Colasberna! Me?! And on whose behalf? On your own initiative. Pizzuco said he confided in you how Colasberna had offended him And that you offered to avenge him. But Pizzuco, a man of principle and opposed to violence, refused. But you went ahead and killed Colasberna all the same. Me? In that case I’m crazy then?! You killed him because you owed Pizzuco the , lira you lost to him in a game. Pizzuco claims that after meeting him, you said: “Partivu pe astutarinni unu, e mi tuccò astutarinni dui” Which means: “I set out to kill one but I had to kill two” Two? Colasberna, and Nicolosi because he saw you. Nicolosi? And where’s his body?! Did I eat it?! Or buried. There’s a lot of land out there! And the rifle? Where did I hide it? In the Game Rosa? Read it. Read it if you don’t believe. Bastard! Eat! Game Eat up but don’t rush, your friend Pizzuco signed two of them. Don Mariano and Pizzuco are sending you to jail! To think that if you’d just talk, it would be them going to prison instead. Write! I’ll talk now! So, who gave you the order?