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mouse tuşu

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Here we are. JAMES YELPS Sorry. Sorry. GREG: It’s okay. It’s okay. I meant to put Melvin outside. No. Melvin. That’s okay, boy. He’s really friendly, I promise. He’s just excited to see you. It’s a lot bigger than the Gunnerfoxes. Hmm. Also, very friendlier. Oh, good. This is Aubrey’s room. CHUCKLES Make sure you always knock first. And this is the bathroom. Full service of course. And this is your room. What do you think? I don’t know. James, we just We want you to know that That every single day you were away, it felt like a Like a piece of our heart was missing. Okay? So, okay, just love you, love you so, so much. You need anything else, or you just want to kick it? No, thank you. Sure. Okay. Just go. Yeah. DOOR CLOSES JAMES MUTTERING INDISTINCTLY May our minds be stronger tomorrow. Thanks, James. That was great. Yeah. What did you think about that, Aubrey? Pretty cool, huh? Really cool, Dad. Oh. We should do the list. Remember? All of our favorite stuff James hasn’t had a chance to do yet. We can do it all together as a family. Yeah. That’s right. I love that idea. Doesn’t that sound like fun, James? Oh! I know. Swimming! Mmm. Good one. Yeah. Swimming. In a pool and out at the lake. Mmm. Mmm-hmm. Oh, oh. Canoeing. Skipping rocks. You’re on fire. Fly fishing. Why are you guys so all about water right now? You’re, like, freaking him out. Well, I’ll just balance the list out with a bunch of land activities, too. And, James, you can choose to do whichever ones you like. Guess I’d just like to watch the new Brigsby tape, if that’s okay. Brigsby tape? SCOFFS Seriously, though. Has it come in yet? I don’t know what that is. Yeah. Look. See. It was delivered to our supply drop every week. Volume , episode . “Making Friends with the Wizzles.” GREG: Huh. Real cool. LOUISE: Yeah. You know, you need a VCR for this, which we don’t have. But I bet Pop-Pop Daryl’s box is in the basement. We could probably find a VCR. Well, you know, in the meantime there’s a bunch of other shows that we can watch on our television right now.