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mouse tuşu

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Elena and Cute Pony I wanted to be a part of their band, but they wouldn’t let me. So I decided that being a mortician would be the next best thing. Of course, I’m interested in the cosmetic end. My favorite flavors are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. And my favorite possession in the whole wide world is my little dog, Mouse. And we’re both Virgos. SPEAKING IN HEBREW Larry doesn’t speak English, but his family has given a great deal of money to the academy, so we have decided to waive the English and sight requirements in his case. …Gemini. STUDENTS APPLAUD James Dandridge is my name Jim Dandy for short I’m the jackofalltrades The master of the mort Entrepreneur by day Embalmer by night Draining blood From dead bodies Is my life Well, somebody’s Gotta do it Might as well Be me But I’ll tell you One thing It won’t Be free ‘Cause I’m gonna start A chain of these For that Special occasion For every race, color, creed And ual persuasion I’m a Leo. STUDENTS APPLAUD I think that’s enough introductions for now. I’m going to turn the class now over to SAM Excuse me. Max and I would just like to say that we’re very excited about being here, right, Max? BOTH LAUGH NERVOUSLY Ever since Max and I were tiny little orphans, we’ve had a dream. When all the other kids were killing themselves playing war, my brother Max and I were picking up all the little dead bodies. SAM LAUGHS SIGHS Okay. Is that it? That’s That’s it. Why don’t you take your seats? And I’ll turn the class back to Miss Purcell. MAN Uh, can I ask you to move there, please? Today, class, we’re going to talk a little about casketside manner and body display. Here’s a hypothetical situation. It’s degrees in the shade. The air conditioning is on the blink. But you’ve done your best to fix the face of the poor bastard who got hit in the head with a baseball bat, but he still looks like the Phantom of the Opera, and he stinks of the heat. His girlfriend files by. And she faints SIGHS What do you do? her. ALL LAUGH You, Max, come here. MAN Do it, dude. Do it, dude. Chicken.