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out of here. Soldier, let’s leave. Hurry move They’re coming, position. Position To the right Hold the line Hold the line Company hold Statius We are all Romans Surrender A true Roman Never surrenders To arms Form ranks Use the shield Slide the rock Yes, sir. Slide the rock Push Follow me Go, go Take the hill General Huo An My God they are like locusts We’re trapped Well brother, we die together Die together! Engage! Moon go rescue Huo An Awake! Awake! Go Close your eyes Kill them! Fight them About face! Move down Move What are you doing here? Go. Hurry now I want to die with you Engage! Captain Captain Sun Parthians Disengage the army Tiberius The criminal who killed Crassus and blinded Publius stands here before you This is an outrage A conspiracy Consul Crassus and I signed this peace treaty So as to guarantee the safety of your brother Because your father knew of your evil plan So let me ask you on behalf of your father and your brother What was on your mind when you ended their lives It’s never too late to turn back Give me your sword A real hero remains accountable until the end Right I did it Let’s resolve this If I made a mistake in this game of chess It’d be that I looked down upon you No You look down on human Why are you so eager to end your story? Not for me For my friend. Lucius What a good friend you are But this is a Roman matter You have no right challenge me to a duel Master Publius made Huo An a Roman warrior General Lucius put us under his command He’s one of us now Let’s resolve this You and I Well then We should give you a proper burial Huo An Come on You’re wearing a headband of a dead man. I’d say that’s a bad omen God will bless us all Huo An Huo An…… The show is over Don’t worry You’ll be with him soon enough Huo An.. Power is a conceit which reveals our limitations A real hero remains accountable to the end ♪Land of my forefathers Forever brimming with glory A land of beauty Home of the courageous Our Eternal Rome The might of enemy ships Threatens us in vain It is a hopeless quest