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Excellent Ketchup 3 She’s going to Chennai, without listening to us Why are you going without telling me? I’ve already told you That day you told you won’t go But today I am going Why? Everyone gets a priority in the life only once This is my priority now Is that more important than me? You’ve something more important than me Why did you feel so? Won’t I feel so? How did you behave with me before and how do you behave with me now? Is Reethu your problem? Not Reethu, it is you You know when did you call me last? Tell me When you were in Mumbai, you used to call me daily But now you don’t pick up my call if I call you You are avoiding me totally Are you mad? Why should I avoid you? You are avoiding me That day you left me alone on the road In the theater, you both sat in one place and made me sit separately You left me in middle of the lunch Every matter you’ll share to me, but till now you haven’t told me that you bought a bike for uncle Have you thought all these were done intentionally to avoid you? It is you, who should understand me If I am trying to avoid you, why did I tell you that I love Reethu? Why did I take your help? It would’ve happened without my knowledge, when I moved to her closely I thought that I am moving close to Reethu but never expected to go away from you Do you know why I have come now? Just now Reethu accepted my love I came very happy to tell you that first, but Game You are angry and going off to Chennai We thought that our partners should understand our friendship But if they are our problems Game what are we doing If my love is the problem to our friendship I don’t want that love I’ll go and tell Reethu now I am going away that our friendship shouldn’t hinder your love affair Why will you be a problem to me? No one can separate us We can’t be parted even if we want to You boasted about your priority, right? If you want to go, go away Go away I’ll allow you to play with my gang Will you allow me to play with your gang? You mean Thursday? Okay sir, bye Will one week time be enough for the engagement?