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In order to find out the truth about your father… …you’re gonna need to break into Browning’s mind on your own. Come on, Fischer! Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm! Go, go, go! Move! Go! Sod it. I hope you’re ready. No, it’s too soon. Cobb, do you hear that? I first noticed it about minutes ago, I thought it was the wind up here. Yeah, I hear it. It’s music. So, what do we do? We move fast. Yusuf’s seconds from the jump. Which gives Arthur three minutes. Hey! That’s him! Which gives us what? Sixty minutes. Can they make that route in an hour? They have to climb to the terrace. Then they need a new route, a more direct route. It’s designed as a labyrinth. There must be access routes that cut through the maze. Eames? Did Eames add any features? I don’t think I should tell you. We don’t have time for this. Did he add anything? He added an air-duct system… …that can cut through the maze. Good. Explain it to them. Paradox. What was that? The kick. Cobb! Cobb, did we miss it? Yeah, we missed it. Man. Couldn’t someone have dreamt up a goddamn beach? Huh? Well, what the hell do we do now? We finish the job before the next kick. What next kick? When the van hits the water. If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again. If you need help, hang up… How do I drop you without gravity? Arthur has a couple minutes, and we have about . You okay? Run! Turn around! Move to base! Move to base! Go, go, go! There’s something wrong. They’re heading your way, like they know something. Just buy us more time, all right? Come on! On my way. Come on! Move! All right. Okay. That’s the antechamber outside the strong room. Does the strong room have windows? It wouldn’t be very strong if it did. Let’s hope Fischer likes what he finds in there. Are those projections his subconscious? Yes. Are you destroying parts of his mind? No. They’re just projections. We’re here. You’re clear, but hurry. There’s an entire army headed your way. I’m in. There he is. There’s someone in there. Fischer, it’s a trap. Get out. Come on. Come on, a little lower.