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Get up. It’s easy to do the Game You’re no fun! Come on! It’s easy to do Game What was the wedding like? Easy, fast. When I was little Game I told myself that I’d get a job, that I’d fall in love with a guy and get married and have kids. You know, like everyone does. When I was at City Hall, I realized I was doing things completely backwards. What do you mean? Well, I really thought that’s what becoming an adult was. Working, falling in love, getting married Game procreating. If you couldn’t run, what would you do? Games I don’t know. Games What do you like? I like Game I really like running. Let’s say your legs got cut off. What would you do? I guess you’re trying to get picked for the National Championships. Yeah. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of moving to Montreal and getting married. Who puts stars on their ceiling anymore? Hey, little girl! Hey, big girl. Games Where should I put this? Games In the back, I think. Fanny, this is Antoine. Antoine, Fanny. Games Hi! Games Hello! He’s my roommate. You haven’t introduced us! Zoey, this is Antoine. Antoine, Zoey. Nice to meet you. He’s my roommate. I know. And you voted Game Have you voted? Four or five times. You’re still under your parents’ political influence. So, you don’t have, like, a clear enough opinion. What are you talking about? You’re not much older than me, Sean. Shampoo and soap. You should try it. Dammit! Where the man that I am, no matter what he thinks Can’t reach you Whether you’re near Or far The man that I am, no matter what he thinks Can’t reach you Whether you’re near Or far Thank you! Sarah, come sing. No! You don’t want to hear me sing. You go ahead. Come on, Zoey, show us what you’ve got. It’s this or nothing. A new love every day it’s too much and it’s much too short it’s just a game That leaves a little Rain in the corner of the eye Before giving my body over A hundred times like a raging fire And just maybe One fine morning He’ll take my hand Are you OK?