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and I’m in command. And I don’t want questioning of that command even by raised eyebrows. I read you Commander. Then read this. Two days ago I asked you to issue certain orders to your section. I issued them. Did you really? I ordered all newscasts from earth blocked out on this station. Station morale is low and you’re not helping it with those newscasts. I know, sir. Then why did I get here and find Game We had to monitor the newscasts to give a feed to Captain Dubrovsky. He was very anxious to Game Dob)’ Captain Dubrovsky again. Lieutenant, those newscasts will stay blocked out totally until I give new orders, and I want to see Dubrovsky in my quarters. He’s on peripheral tour. When he gets in. Yes, sir. Terry? Yes, Commander? Bear with me Terry, sometimes a Commander tightens up to hide his edginess. I’m sympathetic Commander. If any messages come in, I’m in my quarters. : hours. UD headquarters conference room. Schmidt makes his report to the key United Democracies Security Command. The film clips show the extent of new damage to coastal installations after the strange seismograph readings. So much for terrestrial manifestations. On this map of the asteroid belt, you see the area which showed signs of agitation. This agitation concurring with our disturbances here on earth makes the seismograph readings even more mysterious. We’ve got to get at the explanation for these asteroidal manifestations. Now here is where I think my team has produced a really sound argument and I would like my colleague, Mr. Danton, to explain it to you. It’s all yours Charles. Well let me say first that we were confronted with what seemed like nothing but random disturbances having no connection with terrestrial manifestations. However, by some intricate computer probing, we have determined a definite pattern. Now, assume I’m pointing to the field of the disturbance force which has shown to be always along this tangent line. The time of the event, correlated to the