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Wait a minute.. let’s take him some place where we can really work on him. Twelve units have been alerted and a search pattern.. — The suspect has escaped.. from arresting Unit A- — has been constructed over the area Barricades have been set up immediately adjoining the streets.. — An explosion denoted vehicles causing extensive damage. additional units are now on the scene assisting. When second officer went to the rescue of the driver.. — All other available units are being deployed.. .. the witness disappeared — in searching the area.. Apprehension, a matter of moments! Impossible to.. — .. busy crowd. You sure are Jive! And don’t tell me you came here looking for Steve. You know Steve’s not here! He’s got two more months to do! What are you, some kind of Indian giver or something? You gave me to him.. I knew you’d be back. What do you want me to do, take them off? Beg Radios No! You too proud to beg? No.. but you wouldn’t take them off if I did. You know every Goddamn thing, don’t you? Well, first things.. first! Where’s Sweetback? Where’s Sweetback? I don’t — I don’t know where Sweetback is. Where’s Sweetback?? I don’t know. I don’t know where Sweetback is. I don’t know where Sweetback.. Come on, you can tell us. He seems to be hard of hearing. No, uh-uh! If he don’t talk, he’s going to be! Where’s Sweetback? Where is he? Where’s Sweetback? I don’t know where Sweetback Radios Where is Sweetback? Come on, boy! I don’t know Sweetback is. Come on boy, talk! So, where’s Sweetback? I don’t no where Sweetback is! Come on, boy! Where’s Sweetback? He must be deaf! If he isn’t, he’s going to be. Look at me. Where’s Sweetback? I don’t know where he is. Where is he? I don’t know where Sweetback– I don’t know where Sweetback is. Come on! You know it! Where is Sweetback? I don’t know where is Sweetback! Tell me! Where’s he at? I don’t know where Sweetback is. I don’t know where he is.. I haven’t seen Sweetback! Come on boy.. Sweetback!!! You only got one good ear left, boy, D’you want to save it?