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Ah-ah! Enough! Ah-ah! Beeping monkey And that is not going to change? They’re “Goat” clog or something! So you say on Deribasovskoy lived, Radios Well, Comrade tamer. Full speed ahead! Full back! Go! Hurrah-ah! Hurrah-ah-ah-ah! Hurrah-ah-ah-ah-ah! I have a world-famous Radios Radios Trainer Chokolani. Where there is a tiger! I will terminate it! Olya-la le! Ha! Ha! Get down on the deck Radios Radios And driving the animals in a cage. No Can not tame! Wild tiger! It must be bang-bang! The gun, artillery! Full speed ahead! Schneller, schneller! (Most probably). Pay currency! Schneller! (Soon). You you coward! I am not a coward but I’m afraid! Do not, Tiger! (Tiger). Let me go! I’ll complain! You are not a tiger you pig! Fly, fly! Schneller! (Rather). Where? Where? Tamer! Linden! Uncle, what happened? Guys! And, well, well. To live freedom! Hey, helicopter! Hey th-th-th! Take a ride! Oops! Run! Run, Mariska! Woman Mariska on the deck! Save! Save! I’m going to help! Ah-ah-ah! Ah-ah-ah! You are my striped. Kish. Kish. Fyr-fyr! Yes you are, it turns out, quite not terrible. I do not understand! And do not understand! Now get away from the beast. He will devour you! None of your business! Uh-x-odite from here! Go away yourself! Uh, raskomandovalsya. Do not sass. Poor. Scratched you Mate. Marishechka, Hold this beast. I also have the wheelhouse. Get out, get out. I’ll hold him. Well, sit down, sit down. Run until they come to their senses. Certainly not! Hey, do not you dare! Oh-e-e-y! Keep the cage! I went! There is deep! Save me! Stay on track Reefs! Someone get in close to the wheel. Hurry! Stop the cage! Help me hold the cage! There is deep! I can not swim! What happens?! Now bind leg and all pass. You are my good. Do not worry more than it hurt you. No. And then what do you lay down? Look at that shaggy. What’s on your mind? Now those haircuts are not in fashion. Give me your comb. Comrade barmaid Radios What are you doing? Hairstyle Radios Radios “I’m Daddy’s little fool.” Ask the Mate scarf.