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Farm collect Keep going. Sam, he’s not getting anything! Yeah, yeah, it’s fine. Check, one, two. I swear, I can never get this thing. It always sticks. Check one. You got something? Uh, hi, I’m Sam atwell. Hello. This is Tyler. We’re good. We’re good? Good. Are we good? All right. Tyler. No, you know what? Just stay focused, Sam. Okay? Hey, Sam, hey. I need to check the pickups in your mic. Yeah, it’s fine, it’s fine. That’s what I thought too, but the pickups game let me just game Yale, it’s fine. I said I got it. I can handle it. Okay? Yeah, you can handle it. Hey, you know what? You could lighten up a little bit. We’re putting on a pretty amazing show. It’s not just a show anymore. Hey. Hey, Sam. Hey! How are you? Fantastic, thank you. I just had to tell you how truly inspired I have been by your last two sermons. That’s great, dude. That’s awesome. Thanks. I appreciate it. Hey, Sam game Yeah? I think God wants me to go to Africa. Just forget about school. Drop everything here and just go. I know there are missionaries leaving from Houston in a few days. I understand that money may be a huge issue and everything, but game I just had to ask you, how do you know what it is that God wants you to do? Well, I mean, if you think about it, why wouldn’t God want you to go to Africa, you know? I say if you feel in your heart that God’s calling you to do that, just go for it, dude. Yes, yes, yes! Definitely. I game I just wish that God would just pick up the phone, you know, and give me a call and tell me what to do, but maybe if you wouldn’t mind praying for me. Of course, dude. Yeah. I’d really appreciate that. I would really, really really appreciate that. I got to get back to the booth. Okay. Thank you, guys. Thank you, thank you. Hey, congratulations. You’re awesome. Thanks. What’s up, you d.B.? What up? Brought you all some breakfast taquitos. Hey, guys, you got to read some of these fan letters. Dearest God squad, you are my heroes, and I’d love to make your sidekick. Unrighteousness? Not on my watch. Four exclamation marks.