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earth’s rotation, indicates that the disturbances acted along the same relevant quadrant of Gamma which is our remotest space station. Now Game It’s urgent sir? Yes, sir. Please continue. I’ll be back in a moment. Danton, are you saying it’s a wild planet within Gamma ‘s gravity quadrant? Precisely, sir. What is it Janet? Dad, I’ve been trying to reach you for days. I’ve been meaning to call you. You’ve kept Rod two months past the normal tour. Janet, I will not go through all that again. Rod is our number one space post commander right now. Try to understand that Game We just got a report. There’s an emergency on Gamma . All right Game , calm down and give it to me slow. We were out checking on a report of a gyro disturbance when all of a Game On B level? On B level. And? There was a wind. A wind? Have you gone out of your mind? That’s right, there was a wind. But don’t take my word for it. You’ll find out. I can tell you when it happened. It was like a real twister. The whole section buckled right out of shape. I wasn’t prepared for it so I ordered everyone back in as fast as they could. Lieutenant, where do you think you’re going? Standing operating procedure Commander, a Communications Officer is assigned to every mission that’s not routine. Okay And then? The guys were sucked right off. The tie line snapped like that. How many? Three of them. You couldn’t reach them? It was too risky. Okay, let’s move out. Check out. Gravity environment equal. On my orders then. In a few minutes they’ll be beyond our gravity pull. If we’re going to get them we’ll have to do it fast. Hook up the line Terry. The rest of you, link together. Rockets on my signal. Checker feed is a constant one hundred propulsion. Count down on my out. Chain up over there, chain up. Out. Fourteen hours. Lieutenant Terry Sanchez, Gamma Communications Officer, stands watch as the rescue operation begins. Approximately one thousand feet away three men are caught beyond the gravitational